Why a video having coffe?

A common question of clients and friends is how we started with Cosy Barcelona. The answer is easy: a cup of coffe, sharing the passion for interior design and the emotion we feel in creating unique spaces.


At the very beginning the main issue of our adventure was: how could we comunicate to the public the essence of our company?




Because of the admiration for the scandinavian style, COSY for us is not just an adjective. COSY is a concept: the light candels on the table, the nice texture of courtains, the emotion you feel with the music, the warm coffe you have while you are working. COSY is a feeling.





This is the message: we work in order to make our clients live their offices, houses, terraces in a COSY way.




With our video we want to introduce you our special workspace and the way we live it, hoping you will feel our energy.

Sometimes adventures begins with a nice cup of coffe.