The Beautery

Building the pilars of this project we set it on simplicity, using few materials and colors, a timeless feeling and a very scenic analysis of lighting and space…. Cosy Style.




For the entire site analysis we look at the height of the space and the capital of the columns. The absolute feminine and sensual style is underlined by the sheer curtains. Playing with space since the entrance to the end of this special settlement, the courtain is an element which allow a voyeur view of what’s on the other side, but at the same time give privacy. 




The selection of materials and colors is very sober and reduced. Coexists porcelanic surface, imitation of marble, copper and wood with a palette of whites and the freshness of mint green.





Nothing is casual in the lighting selection. To give warmth to the foot area we decided to pick two copper elements and in the hands area a line of light accompanies the worktable.




We wanted to give freshness and feeling of relaxation to the space through the green texture at the entrance. We wish you that being in The Beautery can give a pause in your day in every way.