Palau de la Musica

Pere Mes Alt-19


This bright apartment located in the Gothic area in Barcelona, posed the challenge of isolating a space as an office in the 80 m2 that should serve as housing for a couple and their child.


Pere Mes Alt-22

The solution is given by the creation of a space with double functionality at the entrance to the 
home: on one hand, a passage area to access the house as a receiver and, on the other, 
a flexible work area.

Pere Mes Alt-21

In order to respond to this double objective,we designed a cabinet with doors that can be 
completely closed when the office is not being used.
The furniture, in electric blue, contrasts with the oak floor.

Pere Mes Alt-16 (1)

In the rest of the house  the same idea shape each area: a warm atmosphere with materials of classic inspiration with a certain contemporary twist.

Pere Mes Alt-13

In the kitchen the Macael marble finds its reflection in the marble light of & Tradiction that 
hangs on the countertop and the hydraulic floor in blue denim contrasts with 
the electric blue furniture of this space.

Pere Mes Alt-1

The suite room has a very elegant atmosphere. The headboard is blue Provence, and two Lee Broom lamps rush on bedside tables from the catalan ceiling.


Pere Mes Alt-8

In the main bathroom a  porcelain stoneware, represent a sophisticated interpretation of precious Calacatta marble.

Pere Mes Alt-6