Loft Apartment

In this luminous loft apartment with spectacular views, all our departments worked together: Investment, Construction and Furnishing. It is a 100% Cosy Project!

Our client from northern Europe wanted a second home in Barcelona, ​​attracted by the weather and the sun of the city. Looking for enjoy panoramic views and a good location we found a pretty unique terrace where you can see from the Agbar tower to the Tibidabo, and there our idea was born: the outside is the protagonist and it has to enter into the housing.


Our Investment department did an analysis of the condition of the floor, the neighborhood and the sales opportunities in the future to monetize the client economy.


The visual of the terrace were carefully analyzed. By combining matte and transparent glass we selected the view: the mountains, the sea, the castle…


The fireplace area is the shelter and reading corner … A Cosy Barcelona corner.


The kitchen layout was designed considering the fantastic view from his window: Now from the bar and the washing zone you can contemplate Mont Juic.


The interior of the house permanently coexists with the outside and from the rooms you can go directly to the terrace.