Lecca Baffi, is located in Very special position, on the ground floor in an historical Building in Barcelona.




As the contact with the street is the pilar of this project, every structural reinforcement has been calculated to obtain the maximum natural light and open as much as possible the view from the street, going through the delicatessen expo up to the kitchen, positioned at the end of this delicious corner.




Inspired by iron work of the old markets, the doors and windows opened to the main street give a feeling of an old Bistro and are the result of a unique and on size design and a fine handwork.




The different uses of this peculiar Italian Food shop are underlined by the different material: the hexagon “handmade like” floor for the cooking area and a strong and old style wood floor for the clients one. 


Elegant and natural the color palette and the floor texture were chosen to wrap the clients in a warm hug