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Since we met this young family we felt in love with their project: they decide to settle down in Barcelona to enjoy a sabbatical while waiting for their third child. Both have international jobs thanks to which they have been traveling the world for the last ten years. Thus, the house had to reflect that open and cosmopolitan character with a neutral and fresh decoration where accommodate the unique pieces of furniture they had been treasuring throughout their journey.


Cosy. Perez Galdos-66 (1) 


The apartment, despite being part of a modernist building, had a decoration from the 80s that only retained some molding of the early twentieth century. When the parquet was raised to replace it, the original hydraulic mosaic floor appeared, and it turned the main decorative element of the flat.  The ceilings and doors decorative elements, the skirting boards and the wall colors are in total harmony   with the floor.


Cosy. Perez Galdos-69 (2)


Two iron and glass sliding doors are installed in order to separate the playroom and kitchen from the corridor, allowing large amounts of natural light to be projected in this space.


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The two iron doors are painted white to subtract industrial character, respecting the rest of the decoration: very clear, with pastel touches, which recreates a soft and relaxed universe, in perfect conjunction with the moment that the family lives.


Cosy. Perez Galdos-102 (1)


The details of wall painting are studied to frame special moments of their life.

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