Our Showroom History

Some years ago we came to an apparently empty space, with its soul hidden, waiting to be discovered. With our Cosy specialty to find the potential of spaces and saw its possibilities, we gave life to our showroom.


We didn´t want to make an impersonal showroom full of materials and samples but impregnate the Cosy style that has our stamp and reflect our way of working.


For us it is very important to work with our customers in a personalized way, that´s why we do meetings with an appointment and making a preliminary selection of materials that we brought from our store.




At the beginning of the reform there were walls that needed treatment, floors to level, there was no bathroom… the transformation started from scratch.




We generate small atmospheres like the kitchen area and the bathroom area with some details of materials within range of possibilities that exist.





The bottom was intended to the warehouse, separated with this industrial stained glass while maintaining the idea of ​​working with few materials.




We thought to give the identity of the neighborhood, that´s why we restore some windows and door of a typical Eixample yard.





Although our first customers were received in our showroom in December 2013, we wanted to make a celebration in February 2014 with all our staff and our families, thanking all their support and sharing the magic that we find in our local.