Art beneath our feet

In Cosy we are specialized in the restoration of encaustic tiles and Nolla; We know very well the material, its manufacturing process and the difference between the two of them.


With the intention to show to the people this material very typical in Barcelona modernist we made an open exhibition during the Barcelona Design Week 2015, today we remember this experience…




We set our showroom with the help of our restorer and our tile manufacturer. We brought a encaustic press (with which the tiles are made), ¨trepas¨ (models in which color mixture gets) and we screening a video explaining the manufacturing process of encaustic tile.




The doors of our showroom were open for a week, and we made a special event where we invite the public to share an evening about art beneath our feet.




A Nolla expert explained its history and current application. Because it is not currently manufactures its application has become almost a piece of art.




Jordi Griset, presented his book ¨L’art de la baldosa hidráulica en Catalunya¨, he talked about encaustic tiles and its preparation.


It was a week of sharing knowledge in which we did a tribute to the charm of the modernist tiles.